Altra truffa da yoshkar-Ola, in Russia

Un caso concreto : una truffa dalla
città Russa di Yoshkar Ola

Ricevo il 24-10-2008 una email da Maurizio, di Parma che ci presenta le email scambiate con una sedicente ragazza Russa che lo ha contattato con una email (come è già successo a noi). Da qui una serie di richieste di denaro senza (ovviamente) nulla altro. Le email e le date le presento cosi’ come ci ha passato Maurizio. In fondo alla pagina un resoconto delle somme inviate alla ragazza sempre tramite Western Union. Non abbiamo copia delle maill inviate da Maurizio.

Da : inf*****
Data : 27 ottobre 2008

Non so  come abbia fatto ad avere la mia email di P.Elett.   mi invio’ una lettera  , che e’ la prima dove si presenta lei ,,,come una ragazza  di Laishevo , che con dolcezza e buone intenzioni sarebbe venuta volentieri  a Parma  …essendo io di questa Citta  ..che tra l’altro  ….e’ una delle piu  INNN    …in assoluto  in Italia   ..che certo conoscerai   ..una citta  ricca  …pulita ….tranquilla ancora a misura d’uomo   …e   da li   inizio’ la Storia   .mi  telefono qualche volta  parlando sempre molto bene in inglese….poi la feci Parlare  con una amica  che e qui a, Parma  di kiev ( IN RUSSO )….  e anche lei rimase davvero sorpresa  della  sua intelligenza e   signorilita  nel parlare ecco  …quanto   gentile Marianna


Alcune foto della scammer

scammer yoshkar ola scammer yoshkar_ola 1


Le email ricevute da Maurizio (Con alcuni nostri commenti…)


Date: 8/8/2008
Subject: Hello my new friend!

Hi my friend Maurizio. I  would Like to
learn more about you. Now it is a little about me: I live in town
Laishevo, Russia. My birthday- February 22 , 1980.  I am the only
child in our family. Well, my body height of 168 centimeters and
weight of 59 kg, I have a light hair and  blue  eyes.  I am single,
and I have no children. My favorite  colour  is  red. You know,
unfortunately, I have no telephone for  this reason you could not
invoke me. So, I also like  sports  very  much  and everything, that
is connected with it, I am engaged in gymnastics. I work as the
shop-assistant in a shop. I like to dance!!!  I want to find ta man of
my life, with which I would spend rest of my life. In my choice I do
not want to make any mistakes. My intentions  are very serious. But I
think, everything will be great for us, and we  shall  understand each
other. I shall help  you  to study more about me. I was not married. I
Have no children. I would like to find the worthy companion of life.
I think, we should understand and dismantle the friend the friend and
then meet.  I like roses,  tulips.  I am emailing you from the agency.
In my spare time I like to listen to music.   Probably  we  can become
good  friends  or  may be more, if we are very successful with our
corresponding.I was not successful  enough to find the man for me. I
wish to Find the man, who will  believe  strictly in exact adjustment
and quenching for a period of  validity.  I  know, that there will be
firm job, but I shall be executed to this purpose.  I would hope, that
your purposes will be the same, I would  like  to  hear  yours ideas,
that you wish in the future. I hope,  that  you find my words
interesting and that it  helps  you to learn me little bit better. I
am looking forward to your reply.
Your friend Anastasya.

Date:  20/8/2008

Hi my loved Maurizio! I was very pleased to get a letter from you.
When I read your letters, sometimes I even have tears of pleasure in
my eyes. I see, that we are necessary for each other. I have no phone
but I’ll try to find it and call you. Please give your number and I’ll
call as soon as possible! How are you there without me? I am here not
very good without you+ I miss you and you are in my thoughts always
with me. You show very strong interest to me and it is very pleasant
to feel. I began to think very much of us with you, what waits for us
in future? Write to me all questions, which you interest. I will be
very pleased to answer to you! You now, second man in this world, that
is necessary to me most of all. The first man is my mum. I am very
grateful to you, that you trust me! I really trust you too! I think
that to communicate through the internet is not natural, we should
take each other’s hands and to look into each other eyes and speak
concerning how the world is perfect!  Today I have a very good mood!
You are very important for me now! When I began to communicate with
you, I had hope, that everything will be good for us and our relations
and sometime we will be together! With each your letter I begin
understand, that I have found that, which really is necessary to me! I
want you to inform that my senses and words concerning you always
truthful and I am really very sincere with you! Now I am sure
concerning all on 100 , that I can trust you. And that you are the
man, which is necessary to me! When I read your letters, I see in it
your sincerity and behavior to me! I have made immediately large
conclusion from your letters, which is possible to express in three
words “I LOVE YOU “!!! Today I even felt so highly, all was so easily,
because my ideas were directed concerning you. Today for the sake of
interest I decided to go to the travel agency and find out about the
papers to reach you. And I was surprised very much. The cost of the
visa is about 358 euros. I really was very surprised. It’s so big
money! Then, when I continued going home, I thought about it so much.
You see between us should be a complete trust, and we should know
about each other all! Also today I decide to go to walk with my best
friend Tania! And if true I already know what we will talk about! I
think you know too! It’s YOU and ME!!! Sometimes I see such dreams!
But if true it’s a shame for me to speak concerning it… I saw such
dream today at night. ” We have supper with you which I made myself
for us at your home, we drink some good white wine! Light and slow
music and light of candles make romantic mood! We begin dance slow
dance, we become some drunk, but not of the wine – of our LOVE and
then we go into dreams, and we begin to make love” But in term of
storage I know about making love rather small. And I would like to
find out maximum about it with you my darling! Sorry that I speak with
you about it so sincerely, but I think, that only you should know all
concerning me!  I would be happy to meet you! It’s limit of my

with love!!!

your Anastasya!!!

Dopo poche mail la ragazza si dichiara follemente innamorata di Maurizio (realistico ? certamente no). Addirittura dice che piange dall’emozione quando legge le sue lettere…
Altra cosa, ripete più volte la parola fiducia (trust), cui segue la  prima sorpresa : il costo del visto è 358 Euro ! Cosi tanto per lei !
Segue l’immancabile sogno di lei cha fa l’amore con lui (ma se nemmeno lo conosce!!!)

Date:  5/9/2008

Hi my dear and sweet sweet love! I so you in my dream tonight. We were
together on the beach. And I know this dream will come true soon. We
will lay on the beach and listen to the whisper of waves and look up
in the sky. As for the money I talked to my travel agent. She said you
can use Western Union. I will gibe you my data you will need for this.
O love you honey. I want to touch your lips with my lips. Ti amo.
My address:
The country Russia
Town Laishevo
Index (Postcode) 422610
Street *****y
the house 14
apartment 14

Your forever Anastasiya *****.


Dopo che gli dice di averlo sognato lo riporta alla realtà e gli fornisce i dati per il pagamento con Western Union…

Date : 15/9/2008

Hi my love! I have visa!!!! I’m so happy!!! Are you happy? I know we
will be together soon!!!! I called my agent and she booked a ticket
for me to Milan. Here is the information about the ticket:

Departure: 15:15 Wednesday 17 September, Domodedovo (DME), Moscow

Arrival: 16:10 Wednesday 17 September, Schwechat (VIE), Vienna

Time of stopover: 4 hours 45 minutes

Departure: 20:55 Wednesday 17 September, Schwechat (VIE), Vienna

Arrival: 22:25 Wednesday 17 September, Terminal:1, Malpensa (MXP),

She says that this is the only ticket she could find for me. It costs
593.96 euros. I paid me trip to Moscow and room at the hotel and I
have 100 euros left. Can you help me with other 500? I love you


Ha il visto e non vede l’ora di poterlo incontrare !
Ma purtroppo il biglietto costa 593 Euro e lei ne ha solo 100. Potresti aiutarmi con 500 Euro ?

Date: 15/9/2008

Hi my love! I’m in Moscow now. I’m staying at the hotel and it’s not
very expensive. I will wait for your letter with all the information
about the money. I can’t believe that we will meet on Wednesday!! I’m
so happy!!! It’s like a dream. I love you!!! I Want to be with you.
Love you Anastasiya.

Date: 16/9/2008

Hi my love!!! Thank you for your help. I will wait for your letter
today with all the details. I will call you then. Ok? We will be
together tomorrow. Love you Anastasiya.

Date: 18/9/2008

HI my love! I’m in Moscow now. I’m ok. Honey I don’t want to fly to
Kiev. I have to buy ticket for that. It will take a long time. We can
do it better: my agent will book a ticket for me for tomorrow and I
will come to you. You will just send me 1260 euros like the last time
using WU and I will come to you. I will not spend this money. When I
come to you I will give it back to you. Don’t worry. I love you.
Waiting for your answer. Anastasiya.

E’ a Mosca ma forse c’è qualche problema che la costringe a rientrare a Kiev (non si capisce bene dalle mail, forse si sono parlati al telefono. Presumo un cambiamento di orari degli aerei)
Ma ha una idea migliore, prendere un aereo domani e sarà da lui, ma deve inviargli altri 1260 Euro, come la volta scorsa. Cerca di rassicuralo che non spenderà i soldi già ricevuti, -‘certamente quando sarò da te li restituiro, non preoccuparti !’-

Date: 19/9/2008

Hi my love! I want to tell you that I missed my registration. I was
late for it. I left the hotel in time. I went to the WE agency first
as I didn’t withdraw the money yesterday as the agency was closed. SO
I took the money today. Then I took the bus. Everything was ok. But
you know Moscow. It’s a big city!! There is a lot of cars there and
the traffic was great!!! Moreover there was a car accident on the road
we were taking. My bus was standing for two hours on the road because
of that car accident. We couldn’t go to the airport and we couldn’t go
back to take another road as there were a lot of cars behind us. In 2
hours we moved but the bus came to the airport too late. I tried to
talk to the policeman and custom officer but they said that I was late
and they can’t help me. I tried to give them a bribe but they refused
to take it. I went to the ticket window to change the ticket for
another plane. They said they don’t have ticket for today they have it
for tomorrow. But they don;t have cheap tickets for tomorrow. I will
have to pay additional 375 euros. Moreover I will have to spend this
night in the airport hotel and pay 70 euros for one night. Honey I’m
so sorry to ask another 445 euros. Sorry for that. It wasn’t my fault.
I couldn’t foresee that accident. Here is the information about the

Departure: 12:00, Saturday 20 September, Terminal:2, Sheremetyevo
(SVO), Moscow

Arrival: 13:50 Saturday 20 September 2008  Terminal:1, Malpensa (MXP),
Milan – Italy

I hope you will help me and this time. I’m sorry for that. I need you.
I can count only on you. Love you Anastasiya.

Accidenti, il giorno della partenza si trova imbottigliata nel traffico causa un incidente stradale e perde l’aereo. Deve rifare il biglietto e gli chiedono altri 375 Euro, poi le servono 70 Euro per il pernottamento a Mosca.  -‘puoi aiutarmi con 445 Euro? Conto solo su di te !’-

Date: 19/9/2008

My love! I don’t lie to you. Yes I have 1260 euros in my pocket. But I
can’t spend them as I promised to give them back to you. And I have to
show it on the customs. Honey I love you much and I don’t swindle. I
am an honest girl. Don’t leave me now and we will be together soon.
Love you my Maurizio, Anastasiya.

Darling I can’t use that money, I have to show them to the custom
officer. It’s solvency money and will give them back to you. Do you
see? I can’t spend it. Now I need 445 euros. This is my last plea for
you. I will never disturb you with other pleas. I need only you and
your help. Love you Anastasiya.


HI my love! I decided to go to you. This is the only thing I want. I
want to be with you. I called Alexandra and explained her everything.
I need your help again. 445 euros and I will come to you. I will buy a
ticket and pay the night in the hotel. We will be together. I will
give you all my love. I will be with you forever. I need you and your
love. Forgive me if I disturb you so much. Love you and kiss you. I
will not write you today anymore. Only tomorrow. Waiting for your
answer. Anastasiya.


Ora lei dice che si trova 1260 Euro in tasca, ma di non preoccuparsi che non li spende -‘sono una ragazza onesta io !’-. Poi dice che comunque quei soldi li deve mostrare alla dogana.
Ma le servono i 445 Euro, è l’ultima richiesta e poi non lo vuole più disturbare (bè, ha già raccolto un bel gruzzolo certamente!)


Euro      300.00      IL  12/09/2008
Euro      520.00      IL  16/09/2008
Euro   1. 260.00     IL   18/09/2008
Euro       483.00     IL   20/09/2008



14/10/08, ha scritto:

Buonasera signore,

Questi tre trasferimenti sono stati  tutti   ritirati nella città di Yoshkar Ola in Russia.

Jonathan OP 817
IAS-Support Specialist
Western Union- LAROC-C.R.

Da questo Maurizio deduce quello che poteva essere evidente da subito, ovvero che Anastasia, avendo ritirato i soldi a Yoshkar Ola, non è mai andata a Mosca…

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